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The Banneker Museum Film and Video Archive

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The Banneker Museum has a growing archive of film and video's that are available for your viewing. Please request the film of your choice for viewing at the museum (Loans and rentals are not possible.)

"The Man Who Loved the Stars"
Tells the life of Benjamin Banneker including his study of Astronomy; the publishing of his Almanacs; the surveying of Washington, D.C. with Andrew Ellicott and his correspondence with Thomas Jefferson. This is a proprietary film of the Friends of Banneker Historical Park produced by Jocken Brettenstein. [ hr. & 1/2 hr. versions]

"The Banneker Name"
A brief film that discusses the African origins of the Banneker name. It also reviews the highlights of Banneker's accomplishments. Produced by Mathew Whitehead for the Friends of Banneker Historical Park. [15 min.]

"American Almanacs A Living History"
This video journeys through the evolution of the almanac, from ancient times to today. Learn how to predict weather and plant by the moon. Produced by Farmer's Almanac TV. [2 hrs.-DVD/ VHS]

"Construction of Banneker Park"
Raw documentary footage on construction of the Banneker Museum from 1996-1998, by local videographer Robert Miller. [ 1hr.]

Century of Black Cinema ~ Celebrates the finest African-American entertainers to grace the silver screen from turn of the Century director, Oscar Micheaux to modern day filmmaker, Spike Lee. [90 min.]

Highland Beach / A Douglass Legacy ~ Conveys the history of a tiny town that, less than 30 years after slavery and in the throes of segregation, pooled political ability, vision, and tenacity to create Maryland's first chartered African- American township. [15 min. / 2 copies]

Highland Beach ~ A historic & ecological analysis by Quentin Wyatt. [30 min.]

George Ellicott House ~ Shows the renovation of the historical house located on Main Street, Ellicott City. [1 hr.]

Underground Railroad ~ A story of a loosely organized network of runaway slaves, freed blacks and anti-slavery whites willing to risk their lives for liberty.

Fight for Freedom ~ This inspiring story of African- American Civil War soldiers won the Best of Show Award at the New York Festivals 2002 International Film & Video Awards. [35 min.]

Harlem Rides the Range ~ A two gun slinging cowboy saves the Uranium mine of his girl's father in 1939. [1 hr.]

The Legend of Slavery ~ Linda Ellerbe discusses the topic of slavery with a diverse panel of kids. The film incorporates candid diary excerpts of former slaves reenacted by the kids of New York's La Guardia High Scholl for Music, Art an the Performing Arts. [1/2 hr./ Nickelodeon]

Lift Every Voice ~ Looks at the trials and triumphs of the first generation of African-Americans born into freedom. [lhr. / PBS]

Without Fear or Shame ~ Takes viewers from World War 1 throughout the Jazz age and into the years of the Great Depression. [1 hr. / PBS]

Bright Like A Sun ~ Continues the series' story thorough the Great Depression and World War II. [1 hI. / PBS]

The Dream Keepers ~ Looks at African-American artists in the years after World Wax II, as a growing demand for equal rights are met with resistance. [1 hr. / PBS]

Not a Rhyme Time ~ Begins in the 1960'S when Black artists made inroads in Hollywood, on Broadway and in popular music. [ 1 hr. / PBS]

The Freedom You Will Take ~ Looks at contemporary African- American film, drama, dance, music and the written word. [lhr. / PBS]

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